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Ama Keith
Food is great, but please fix your online ordering so that we can order all the items on the menu. Some of the items are not available due to a glitch in the online ordering.
Jacob Guth
Hi, My name is Jacob Guth, C.O.O of Gourmet Express 504. We are an all-inclusive, app-based delivery service that is starting up in New Orleans - with no affiliation cost to sign up. We are a business that is owned and operated by locals and thrive off of client relationships and customer services. I would love to set up a time next week and present to you and our your establishment what we have to offer. I was hoping to get in touch via e-mail, as I have an email presentation as well, but was unable to send it.
Chris G
Wow, what great food and service you guys have! Thanks, Chris Giordana PS please let me know if you ever want a few tips for tackling foamy beer challenges, my treat to you! (per my day-job expertise :-).