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Rick Dobbs
Hi there, Poseidon. My name is Rick Dobbs and I have a small creative studio in MidCity New Orleans called Unreal. I specialize in brand development and packaging design, but am ultimately a full-service shop. I’ve also done quite a bit of work in the food & beverage industry. I wanted to reach out to say that if Poseidon ever has the need for creative help I’d love the chance to talk to you about it. You can view some of my work here Thanks so much for your time. Cheers. Rick Dobbs UNREAL
Food is always lovely, as well as the service. I've dined in and have ordered delivery equally as much. Delivery is almost always within a good time frame, however, I almost always have an issue with not being given utensils upon delivery. When I order from work (more often than not) I struggle because we don't usually have anything in our break room and god forbid I ordered anything requiring a spoon.....but I have to say....quality is always on point! Thank you Poseidon!
JaNette Lilly
Hi! My name is JaNette Lilly and I own a social media marketing company. I would love 10 minutes of your time to show you what I can do for your business! Please let me know if you will be available to speak with me. In the meantime, here is a brief summary on myself and my company. Who I am: I graduated from Blue Ridge High School and then went on to study Marketing at Arizona State University. I worked for my father as his bookkeeper for 10 years and witnessed all the struggles of a small business. Most small businesses just don't have a large marketing budget, if any at all. So, I stepped back into my marketing role and found my niche providing an inexpensive solution. If you're spending a fortune on marketing, then your ROI will not be substantial. Fast forward a year, to when my husband passed away and I was suddenly the sole financial contributor for myself and my three children. I knew I couldn't make it on my salary, however, I needed the flexibility my father gave me i